Toasty Treats
Ala Carte

Bandung Frostyz
Go PINK with our Bandung Frostyz. Floral rose flavour ice-blended with evaporated milk, it's a refreshing way to enjoy this traditional drink!
Chendol Frostyz
An adaptation from a traditional dessert originating from Southeast Asia, the dessert of creamy coconut milk is blended with gula melaka (palm sugar) into an ice-blended Frostyz and topped with bits of green & black jelly, corn & red beans.
Mocha Frostyz
An ice-blend of coffee & chocolate and premium vanilla powder, topped with whipped cream and chocolate bits.
Green Tea Frostyz
A non-caffeine alternative ice-blended with premium green tea powder from Japan, topped with whipped cream & red beans.
Tea Frostyz
Your favourite tea, ice-blended and topped with whipped cream. A refreshing twist!
Coffee Frostyz
Your favourite coffee, ice-blended and topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. A refreshing twist!
Cold Beverages
Iced Coffee, Iced Tea,
Iced Milo, Iced Horlicks
Hot Beverages
Coffee, Tea, Milo,
Horlicks, Chinese Tea
Iced Lemon Tea
Silkyz Barley

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